At Victoria Transmission and Auto Care, we are extremely proud of the relationships we maintain and nurture with our loyal customers through consistent, caring service and open communication.

Here’s how just a few of our satisfied customers feel about our service:

Please accept this review (as per our phone call) to add to your list of testimonials. I have been working on my 1957 Chev pick up for about 25 years and the braking of the vehicle was never to my satisfaction (after doing whatever I could to make them better). The very qualified staff at… Read more »

Dale T From Victoria

After my 1964 Volvo 1800S rear differential destroyed itself last October, the search began to find a quality shop that not only knew how to work on these old classics but was trustworthy, honest and fair.  Peter Landsman recommended Victoria Transmission and Auto care. They examined the rear diff and gave me the bad news… Read more »

Jamie Graham from Victoria

I live in the Parksville area and recently had need of being in Victoria for an appointment.  En route, my car started to ‘shimmy’ and make a kind of unearthly grinding sound.  Not good.  I dealt with my appointment and turned my car on hoping against hope that the sound would have mysteriously disappeared.  It… Read more »

D.S. From Parksville

“I really appreciate the work that Gary, Peter and their fellow mechanics at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care do for their customers. I started coming here with work vehicles to begin with and then my own car – for over a decade now. When something goes wrong with my car, I always think of Gary… Read more »

Tammy Reid from Victoria

“I just want to thank you guys for helping me out last week. I was very stressed out over having to deal with my car breaking down on my way home from work. I remembered my daughter telling me that she was impressed with the service at Victoria Transmission & Auto Care. So since I… Read more »

Lauren from Victoria

“I feel lucky to have found Victoria transmission and Auto Care almost 10 years ago. My car is an older one and whether it’s a problem that crops up or routine servicing, they always do an excellent job. Your customer care is fantastic. You take the time to thoroughly explain things and all the options… Read more »

Veronica Platts from Victoria

“I was first referred to Victoria Transmission & Auto Care in 2006, when I was driving my first truck. It started needing the regular maintenance that is a part of coming of age for an older truck: alternator, belts, brakes, rear window, etc. After I mentioned some negative experiences at other shops in town, a… Read more »

Claire MacDonald from Wickainnish Inn

“Peter and the guys at Victoria Transmission & Auto Care: Thank you so much for the fast service, quality of workmanship, and going out of your way to help us during a difficult time with a major car dealership on our Dodge Grand Caravan. From the major car dealership we were not getting the service,… Read more »

John and Pauline, Island Clockmakers & Gold, Courtney

“Thanks to you and your mechanics for several excellent experiences… Peter and the staff at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care: Just a short note to say thanks to you and your mechanics for several excellent experiences. With each visit you provided a detailed explanation of the problem and an accurate estimate of the cost. Your… Read more »

Pat Donegan from Victoria

“With Victoria Transmission, there are no fears. Simply very nice and honest people that will do their best to get you back on the road at the lowest possible cost. When I moved to Victoria, I’ve been referred to Victoria Transmission and never looked anywhere else after the first visit, this is why I can… Read more »

Yves from Victoria BC

Additional Quotes…from customers who keep coming back:

“I have trust and faith in my mechanic, Alex. I trust that he will do good quality work”

“I trust Gary and Peter. I had a very positive and friendly first experience, and decided to keep coming back”

“They give you options; they’re very flexible”

“They are familiar and trustworthy, which is why I keep coming back”

“They do it right. It’s an awesome shop.”

“They go above and beyond, and are very supportive and trustworthy”

“I come here because I know I can trust Peter”

“I’m very protective about my cars, but I know Victoria Transmission and Auto Care will take care of me”

“Victoria Transmission and Auto Care is more thorough and careful with their inspections and services than other shops I have been to in the past”

“I trust them – they have a great reputation and are very friendly”