Green Products & Services

We recycle all of our automotive oils, anti-freeze, steel and plastic auto parts, oil filters, plastic fluid containers, cardboard and paper products. We offer recycling facilities in all areas of the shop, including the reception area for the use of our customers. We use environmentally friendly car wash soap, lubricants, tank soap and hand soap and our anti-freeze contains an organic agent, which deters animals from consuming it. We are proud to use the most environmentally sensitive automotive oils and fluids available. All of our green service packages include a complimentary 37-point BCAA inspection, a donation to the Sierra Club of British Columbia, and a light hand-wash using biodegradable soap.

Green Vehicle Tune-Up

Using all eco-friendly products, our Green Tune Up provides valuable maintenance that lasts more than twice as long as a conventional tune up, reduces emissions and adds fuel mileage.

Green Oil Change

Our Green Oil Change uses Eco Power Synthetic Blend Re-Refined Oil – which is made using 85% less energy, and a tiny fraction of the raw crude oil in a barrel of non-recycled oil – to improve your fuel economy, provide advanced wear protection, and protect against oil breakdown. We also lubricate all steering and chassis components using a bio-based grease.

Click here to learn the difference between our regular oil and Eco Power oil.

Green Cooling System Flush

Using our pet-deterrent anti-freeze, we flush the complete cooling system using long-life, recycled anti-freeze.

Green Transmission Service

Our Synthetic Long Life Transmission Fluid lasts up to three times longer than conventional vehicle fluids, greatly reducing waste while generating optimal vehicle performance. As part of the service, we remove your transmission pan, and replace the gasket and filter. We also check your car’s under-carriage for polluting leaks and perform internal and external transmission adjustments.

Washer fluid

Our windshield washer fluid is made here on Vancouver Island using rainwater and biodegradable detergent.

Video Feature: Being Green at Victoria Transmission & Auto Care

Check out the video below, from Shaw Daily, to learn more about how we are environmentally-friendly:

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