Out Of Province Vehicle Inspections

The process for importing a car into British Columbia and Victoria will have different requirements depending on whether you decide to import from another province, the US or another country. Most vehicles offered for sale in a foreign country other than the United States cannot be imported into Canada. Importing a vehicle into Canada that does not meet the requirements of the Motor Vehicle safety Act is a Criminal Offence. There are special circumstances for importing from another country when CBSA requirements are met, refer to the Canada Border Services Agency website for a list of these exemptions. If a car is allowed to be imported into Canada, it would have to have a new insurance policy too making it road legal.

Importing a car from the US involves the following three main steps:

Before You Import

Before you purchase or import a vehicle found out about the Registrar of Vehicles ( RIV) program, vehicle admissibility, RIV exemptions, recall clearance documentation, vehicle modification requirements, vehicle branding history and Environment Canada requirements.

At The Border

Understand your obligations for reporting to US Customs, the Canada Services Agency.

After Vehicle Entry

Complete vehicle modifications, the RIV inspection process and contact your provincial / territorial licensing jurisdictions for information about licensing your vehicle. Driving a Vehicle From the US be sure to purchase temporary insurance until all inspections and requirements are met and you can purchase permanent insurance coverage.

Importing a car from another province

If a vehicle is registered in another Canadian Province the import requirements for the RIV. CBSA and Transport Canada do not apply. Also vehicles are exempt from BC Safety Inspection under the New West Partnership Trade Agreement ( effective April 1, 2015 ) qualified private vehicles imported from Alberta or Saskatchewan may be exempt from B.C. pre registration inspection.

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care is proud to offer Out Of Province Vehicle Inspections for vehicles in the following categories:

Class – 1 – Motor vehicle with lic. GVW of 5,500 kgs or less
Class – 2 – Motor vehicle with lic. GVW of more than 5,500kgs
Class – 3 – Trailer and semi-trailer
Class – 4 – Bus
Class – 5 – School Bus
Endors – 2 – Pressure Fuel
Endors – 3 – New to BC

Our expert mechanics are happy to help you get your vehicle inspected, licensed and on the road.

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