At Victoria Transmission & Auto Care

We are pioneering a more eco-friendly, sustainable form of automotive repair


Proud to be a “dry shop” (not one drop of fluid ever goes down the drain), we’re committed to using only the most eco-friendly products, and to recycling all used oils, anti-freeze, filters, used plastic, and paper products. We use more power-conscious lighting systems, recommend long life car batteries to all our customers to reduce waste, and purchase as many products as possible in bulk to cut packaging waste. We also offer our customers the option of eco-friendly oil changes and tune-ups. Learn more about our eco-friendly products and services.

We are proud of our affiliation with the Sierra Club of B.C., an environmental non-profit organization, dedicated to protecting B.C.’s wilderness and wildlife. Partnering with us to develop our ongoing sustainability strategy, they also help us monitor everyday business activities for ways to be more environmentally sensitive. Read the press release.

We encourage all of our customers to be ‘Green’ drivers. Read our tips and tricks to reduce your emissions every time you are on the road.

We are proud to be part of local events that align with our Green commitment.