Auto Education Clinic

Our auto education car clinics are complimentary evening events designed to help educate and empower everyone on vehicle maintenance and repair.

Attendees are encouraged to bring in and work on their own vehicle with the support of our knowledgeable, award-winning mechanics. The evening features informative demonstrations on basic car maintenance, how to check oil and fluid levels, how to check tire pressure, how to change a tire on a vehicle, and how to stay safe around a vehicle at all times. If you can’t fix the issue yourself and need to go to a car mechanic but don’t have enough money, you can always visit one of towerloans offices, for example, if you are based in Missouri, you’ll need to research where the loans in missouri offices are for you to go to and enquire. What attendees may not know about is the importance in knowing when to start maintenance of a vehicle, which can actually be estimated by using an hour meter which measures running times of machinery. They are easily accessible from sites like AlionTimer.

This is important for women to know, as they could find themselves in a situation where they need to be able to change their tire themselves. Before this event, many women probably didn’t know how to use a bumper jack to give them easier access to the car tires. Knowing how to do little jobs like these could make a massive difference to many women’s lives.

There’s not always going to be a car specialist available, so ensuring that women can change their own tire and check their oil and fluid themselves could be life-saving.

Hopefully, more of these classes will be organized soon as they are very beneficial. The majority of the women who attended all learned something they didn’t know before, meaning that the class had improved their knowledge. After the course, some women were even said to be considering attending defensive driving school and completing other additional driving courses to improve their skills on the roads. With more advertising, hopefully, this sort of class will be seen more often over the country. By watching someone else fix a car and then copying that same procedure, people will easily pick up how to do things to their car. Not only can this be good to know, it might also be able to save you money at the car garage for a simple problem that you might now be able to fix. We look forward to organizing another class like this in the future!

Event Photos

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Auto Education Videos

To learn more about auto education, check out one in action below, or click through to see more of our ‘female friendly’ YouTube videos:

Check out the rest of our YouTube channel, featuring more informative videos!

Testimonials from Past Attendees

We would also like to share some testimonials from our past auto education car clinic attendees:

Thank you to Michelle, Erin, Adam and the team...
…at Victoria Transmission for a really great evening. I learned a lot, and certainly appreciate the work and effort that you all put into making it a great time for us. We enjoyed lots of laughs and questioned the staff to ad nauseum…which they handled very well! Have a wonderful day, and thanks for fitting me in. –Sierra from Victoria

Victoria had a great time at Ladies Night...
…at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care. Loved the tips on how to change a tire, how to check tire pressure, and all of the eco-driving tips, and safety tips from Victoria Police. Thank you! – Kerry Slavens, YAM Magazine

Thank you! It was a great experience...
… learning about aspects of vehicle maintenance. Your team was so friendly and professional. And you took the mystery out of car servicing. Thank you, again, for this opportunity. I am sharing this with my colleagues today along with other friends. I’ll definitely be back. Please extend my thanks to your entire team. -Marie from Victoria

Thanks for all the care and detail...
… that obviously went into planning the night. I was really impressed by everyone! The mechanics were so patient, relaxed and welcoming. Things were explained clearly and there was no ‘talking down’ going on. Bravo! I will be encouraging my friends to go to this course. – Elaine from Victoria