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Do I need to take my vehicle to the dealer to be covered under warranty?

What is the difference between regular oil and your Eco Power oil?

How often do I need an oil change?

Can I drop off my car before work?

Do you offer fleet maintenance packages?

Do manual and automatic transmissions have different servicing needs?

How many kilometres can a transmission take before needing replacement?

What is the biggest problem with transmissions?

What would it cost to flush out my old transmission fluid and fill with new fluid?

How often should I replace my windshield wiper blades?

What types of payment methods do you accept?
We accept Interac, Visa, and Mastercard. Regretfully, we cannot accept personal cheques.
Do you do transmission repair?
Do we ever! Since opening as a transmission shop over 40 years ago, we have provided top-quality transmission repair, maintenance, and replacement services for our valued customers. We are also happy to have added specialization in full vehicle scope and repair, maintenance, and more, to take care of all of your vehicle’s needs. See more information on all of the services we offer.
Do you offer any mechanic training programs?
Unfortunately we do not offer mechanic training programs, but we are happy to support our apprentice mechanics in their skill development.
Do you offer sponsorship opportunities?
At Victoria Transmission and Auto Care, we also care deeply about our local community and are happy to support events and charitable organizations. As much as we would love to sponsor and support many more, we regretfully cannot provide sponsorships at this time. View more about our continued community commitment.
Do you offer pre-purchase inspections?
Yes, we do! Our BCAA qualified auto mechanics are happy to carry out a complete 143-point visual and instrument inspection to give you the peace of mind you need. Make an appointment today.
Why do brakes squeak?
Today’s cars are equipped with front-wheel disc brakes. Some models even have four-wheel disc brake systems. Disc brakes work much like the modern’s bicycle’s brakes, and brake squealing and noise have a variety of causes – usually dust or high frequency vibrations of the brake pedals, like a cricket rubbing its legs together. Worn brake linings also tend to be noisy. All in all, brake systems should be checked regularly and worn parts replaced before ruining expensive calipers and rotors.
How do the cooler temperatures affect my car’s transmission?
Here in Victoria, a properly working transmission shouldn’t be affected by our winter climate. However, if the transmission is getting older, there can sometimes be delays in gear shifting. This is caused by rubber components that become brittle as they age. If your transmission starts to lag in its gear shifting, this could be an indication of starting to show its age. It’s not always a problem, but definitely something to take a look at. Give us a call to make an appointment, and we’ll inspect your transmission to make sure it’s in top shape.
Should I have my car checked before a long trip?
Summer outings should be enjoyable and not spent in a roadside repair shop with someone under the hood. Have your car serviced and fluid levels checked before any long road trip and don’t forget the windshield washers and wipers. Radiator hoses and fan belts are one of the main causes for breakdowns. Hoses deteriorate from the inside out, so looks can be deceiving. Wheel bearings should be packed, and correct tire pressures will give a smoother ride and better fuel economy. Overall, a little preventative maintenance can help ensure you won’t spend your vacation in an auto shop waiting room. Be sure to make an appointment with us at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care before heading out of town for your next trip – we offer a 37-point BCAA safety inspection with all services, to ensure your car is road-ready. Make an appointment today.
What does it mean if my “check engine” or “service engine soon” light comes on?
There are many sensors and computerized components that manage your vehicle’s engine performance and emissions. When one of these fails, the “check engine” light is illuminated. Although your car may seem to run fine, it is important to bring your car in to the experienced mechanics here at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care, to have the issue addressed to prevent long-term issues. Book an appointment, online today.
Why can’t you give me a transmission quote over the phone?
Although in previous decades, there were a limited number of different transmission types, today there are many more, most of which have several variations or calibrations, with as many as a dozen modifications necessary. What’s more, today’s transmissions are computer controlled, which means even though your transmission may not be working properly, there’s a good chance the root cause of the problem doesn’t have anything to do with the actual transmission itself.

To give you an accurate assessment of your transmission’s condition – and an honest estimate for repairs – the technicians here at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care perform a series of rigorous tests to identify:

  • which transmission type and version is currently installed,
  • what the specific problem (and its source) is, and
  • the likely causes of the problem, based on our step-by-step diagnostic process.

Once they have all of the information, we are able to provide you with a more accurate explanation of your car’s condition, and an accurate estimate of the cost to repair it.

Although we can’t perform these steps over the phone, you can be assured that Victoria Transmission and Auto Care takes your car’s needs to heart. We promise a transparent representation of only the service your car truly needs. Book an appointment with us today.

How can I be a more environmentally-friendly driver?
As an environmentally-friendly automotive shop, Victoria Transmission and Auto Care is proud to offer tips and tricks to our valued customers, to help you be a more ‘green’ driver. Click here for our Green Tips and Tricks.
How can I prepare my vehicle for winter?
An easy way to get ready for winter is to bring your vehicle in for a winterize check – we will do a full 37-point BCAA inspection of your entire vehicle, including fluids, brakes, belts, and internal functions. For the winter, it is especially important to have sufficient antifreeze and winter windshield fluid levels, tire condition (pressure), and lights.
How do cooler winter temperatures affect my vehicle?
As temperatures drop and days get longer, there is an increased need for electrical accessories, such as lights, defrosters and heaters. This means an increased strain on your battery and charging system. Make sure these systems have been inspected and tuned up, before they cause you start-up issues.

Any parts that are in poor tune may appear to function properly in warmer temperatures, but will start to show strain and problems into the winter. The cooler temperature causes an increased strain on interior systems, thickens fluids, and stiffens gears and parts. It’s important to get a vehicle tune-up, before you face functional problems.

What are some winter driving tips?
When driving in the winter, be sure to familiarize yourself with potential conditions, such as hydroplaning or snow, keep emergency numbers available at all times, sufficiently warm up your vehicle in the morning before driving it, keep your fuel tank full, and have an emergency kit and snow kit on hand at all times. Never go out on the road unless you are comfortable handling the current conditions. Winter tires are a great way to be prepared for winter conditions, and we are happy to order and install them for any vehicle.
I am from out of town. How do I organize a major transmission repair?
A standard transmission service can be done in a day, and we require only 1 or 2 days advance notice.

For more advanced transmission repairs, we recommend that you call us ahead of time to book time and discuss your specific needs. We are happy to align ourselves with a hotel across the street, and offer preferred customer rates for customers coming from out-of-town. Usually major transmission repairs can be done in 2 to 4 days.

Feel free to contact us for additional information.

How can I figure out what’s wrong with my vehicle?
If you feel that something’s not right with your vehicle, the best thing you can do is write down the symptoms, come in and see us, and give us the best explanation that you can. This will help us, and help your vehicle. We are happy to help you out with any diagnostics or repair needs, maintaining open and transparent communication with our customers.
How often should I have my brakes serviced?
We recommend you have your brakes inspected approximately every 2nd oil change. This is the best way to ensure top safety and performance, and avoid long-term damage.
What types of parts are you able to order and install?
We have access to all original equipment part as well as all aftermarket and high performance. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions or requests.
I have a busy schedule. When can I drop off and pick up my vehicle?
We are open for drop-off on weekdays starting at 7:15 am, and we close around 5:00 pm. We can also arrange for specific late pickup circumstances, and we do have a drop box as well.
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