“I was first referred to Victoria Transmission & Auto Care in 2006, when I was driving my first truck. It started needing the regular maintenance that is a part of coming of age for an older truck: alternator, belts, brakes, rear window, etc. After I mentioned some negative experiences at other shops in town, a co-worker recommended I talk to Victoria Transmission and Auto Care.

With the reputation of mechanics in general (especially for us ladies) and my own experiences at other shops, I was not without some hesitation. However, right away I was put at ease when I went in for my first oil change and check-up. The mechanics asked me a myriad of questions about vehicle use, lifestyle and my boundaries for work to be done on the vehicle. They lent me a pair of coveralls and brought me under my 4Runner to show me exactly what was going on! They taught me as much as I wanted to know about vehicle maintenance. There is a certain immeasurable value to having 100% confidence that your mechanic is looking out for your best interests, is doing the best work possible, and will provide you all relevant solutions rather than trying to sell you the most expensive alternative. There is a comfort when you are greeted with smiles, your name is remembered and your voice is recognized on the phone.

When I moved to Tofino in early 2008 there was absolutely no question that I would continue to take my truck to Victoria Transmission and Auto Care for all work, despite the 5 hour drive.
In spring of 2010, I brought my 4Runner in to Victoria Transmission and Auto Care for some checking.It turned out the transmission was failing, which, along with other required regular maintenance work, would have cost almost $4,000. As I struggled to determine how I would shoulder the bill, Gary, my mechanic, gently suggested I “let her go”. Although they were willing to do the work if I really wanted it, they considered my situation as a whole and advised against the job, based on financial stress, vehicle age, and emerging body rust.

With a genuine concern for my situation, Gary immediately began making phone calls and arranged for a test drive of a vehicle he had found for me. By the time I returned from my trip, he had checked out the truck, arranged for delivery and assisted my family in scrapping the 4Runner, while preserving the parts we could use in my new truck. All of this service was done without any direct financial benefit to the company; they were looking out for me, their customer, rather than their own bottom line. Gary even called me to check in on how the vehicle was running, to make sure I was happy with it, and to see if I had any questions.

All in all, the service at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care is phenomenal both in technical knowledge and relationships with their customers. My family and friends have been so impressed by the service, that they are all now taking their cars there as well. Victoria Transmission and Auto Care’s loyalty to me as their customer has secured my loyalty to them no matter where I am on the Island for years to come.”

- Claire MacDonald from Wickainnish Inn