“Peter and the guys at Victoria Transmission & Auto Care: Thank you so much for the fast service, quality of workmanship, and going out of your way to help us during a difficult time with a major car dealership on our Dodge Grand Caravan. From the major car dealership we were not getting the service, or [a fair] price. In fact, we were getting the “run-around” and being gouged and ripped off. Not knowing anything about you, we made a phone call. Upon speaking with Peter, I felt that I could trust him, as he seemed to be very upfront, honest and fair.

To help us out, Victoria Transmission & Auto Care went over to the major car dealership, picked up our van, and towed it back to their shop, free of charge. They then re-built us a transmission within two days, and it was outstanding. The warranty was maintained, the price was lower, and it was completed much faster than it would have been at the dealership. On top of that, the service was exceptional.

We would like to thank you once again for going above and beyond. We would highly recommend Peter and the guys at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care.”

- John and Pauline, Island Clockmakers & Gold, Courtney