I live in the Parksville area and recently had need of being in Victoria for an appointment.  En route, my car started to ‘shimmy’ and make a kind of unearthly grinding sound.  Not good.  I dealt with my appointment and turned my car on hoping against hope that the sound would have mysteriously disappeared.  It was worse. Metal on metal is unmistakable!  I called Kerry, my trusted mechanic at Kerry’s Cars and Trucks in Parksville. He emphatically stated that I could I not drive safely home.  Without hesitation, he directed me to Peter at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care.  I was graciously received by Peter and his wonderful staff as Kerry had already kindly called ahead to alert them of my arrival.  The diognosis was not good.  It was already mid-afternoon on a Friday but Peter created the time to order and install new front brakes.  That in itself was fabulous.  But here is the thing…. I am part of a special support program for single mothers that Kerry has created at his shop in Parksville ( not enough words of gratitude for that). Between the two of them, they figured out the details.  Peter honoured Kerry’s program.  He also did not charge for his shop time, simply wishing me a safe journey home.  To say the very least, I was tremendously moved by the immensity of kindness and consideration that I was shown.  In this crazy world such care is medicine.  I will happily recommend Victoria Transmission and Auto Care (and Kerry’s Cars and Trucks!) far and wide! They are two fabulous businesses!

- D.S. From Parksville