After my 1964 Volvo 1800S rear differential destroyed itself last October, the search began to find a quality shop that not only knew how to work on these old classics but was trustworthy, honest and fair.  Peter Landsman recommended Victoria Transmission and Auto care. They examined the rear diff and gave me the bad news that parts were going to be impossible to find unless I could find a “donor” rear end. After Chapman Motors supplied a complete rear axle, and my Volvo parts guy (Olof at Vintage Import Parts) got me the necessary bearings, VTAC was able to rebuild the old one, taking the best parts from both units. They kept the car on the lift and at my request suppled a complete range of photos of the re-build which added greatly to my restoration. Some additional parts not associated with the diff were recommended, then found and installed. What I ended up with was an amazing, better than new rear differential. The car has never operated this well. The work was complicated but their technician was a master at these old rear ends. The price was very fair considering the work and time they put into it. What the average person will not see was the attitude and focus of the various mechanics in the back of the shop working away on various cars. I visited the re-build a number of times and quietly observed a highly motivated, focused workforce obviously enjoying their work. It was a real testament to the management of the business and leadership of the supervision. This shop is a hidden gem and speaks well for the businesses operating in a unique field.

- Jamie Graham from Victoria