What do you get when you mix nearly 100 teenagers, a tire iron, a driving simulator, four police officers, and a couple pairs of drunk goggles? Well this weekend at least, it meant a lot of learning and a lot of fun. This past Saturday marked our 1st Annual Teen Auto Education Day. We invited… Read more »

A Bit of Victoria History

As a company with nearly half a century of history in Victoria, we thought this video taken from a street car through the streets of our city in 1907 was too cool not to share. It’s a little before our time of course… which is probably for the best since there weren’t many cars on… Read more »

Investing in the future

Corporate citizenship and giving back to the community around us has always been a very important part of our business. This year, we were looking for a way to make a difference that would have a lasting impact. We decided what better way to do this than by making our roads safer for years to… Read more »

Auto Shop Goes Green, Joins Forces With Sierra Club

Douglas Magazine July/August, 2011 Victoria Transmission and Auto Care has entered into a partnership with Sierra Club of British Columbia to develop an overall sustainability strategy, as well as everyday business activities that allow it to be more environmentally sensitive. Victoria Transmission and Auto Care’s facility on Government Street is already a “dry shop”, meaning… Read more »