Victoria Transmission & Auto Care Announces Partnership With Sierra Club of BC

Victoria, BC, January 17, 2011

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care is proud to announce an important strategic partnership with Sierra Club BC, an environmental non-profit organization, dedicated to protecting B.C.’s wilderness and wildlife.

As a part of the partnership, Sierra Club BC will work with Victoria Transmission & Auto Care in regard to its ongoing sustainability strategy, and everyday business activities that allow it to be more environmentally sensitive. The Victoria Transmission & Auto Care facility on Government Street is already a “dry shop” meaning that the shop does not wash any oil, lubricants or chemicals into the drains; and are currently transitioning to more power conscious lighting systems.

As a part of its effort to be the greenest automotive service, repair and maintenance shop in BC, Victoria Transmission & Auto Care is also launching a number of environmentally friendly maintenance packages featuring a Green oil change that uses Re-refined, fully recycled oil. This product uses 85% less energy to create than non-recycled oil as well as fifty times less raw crude oil per barrel. They also use fully synthetic transmission fluid which can last up to three times longer than conventional fluid, greatly cutting down on waste while generating optimal vehicle performance. These are the most environmentally sensitive oils and fluids available anywhere in the world today.

Added co-owner Adam Sullivan; “The partnership with Sierra Club BC is a significant sign of our intent to become the greenest automotive repair shop in BC. We recognize that many people here on the West Coast take environmental stewardship very seriously, and as a business we are extremely committed to being a leader in this area.”

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care is a privately held company, with multiple operations serving Victoria BC, the regional municipalities and the remainder of Vancouver Island.