How to De-fog your Windows

It’s that time of year again. All too quickly your problems have shifted from bringing the temperature down on hot summer days, to keeping the interior of your vehicle toasty during the winter… and dealing with that returning pest: foggy windows.

First, it’s important to understand the cause of foggy windows. In the fall and winter months, windows fog up due to a discrepancy between the warmer temperature inside the vehicle, and the cold temperature outside. Also, the interior of the vehicle tends to have more moisture in the air from your breathing, while the air outside (despite the rain, snow and slush) is more dry.

Therefore, the fastest way to reduce fog on your windshield’s interior is to balance the temperature and moisture levels inside and outside the car. Although it’s less comfortable for the occupant, blowing cold (or at least unheated) air onto the windshield, as well as rolling down the windows to allow the moisture to escape, is hands-down the fastest way to de-fog your windows. If, however, you have more time (or can’t handle the cold!), blowing heated air with the recirculation feature off to help moisture escape will also do the trick.

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