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How Brakes Work

We get asked a lot of questions at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care. Since we do more than transmission repairs, many of the questions are about the other services we provide. Our last two blog posts were on different types of noises they make and what they mean along with why brakes fail. Today’s blog post will… Read more »

Brake Noise Diagnostic

We get asked a lot of questions about vehicles all the time. Many of those questions deal with brakes and the different types of noises they make. If you have squealing or squeaking brakes, read on and we’ll help you determine the brake noise as best we can. When it comes to your vehicles brakes,… Read more »

Why Brakes Fail

Without a doubt brakes are most important safety feature of your vehicle. You could be trying to stop quickly to avoid running through a red light. Or maybe a car ahead stopped abruptly. Regardless of the reason, you want to make sure you are able to stop to protect not only the passengers in your… Read more »