Brake Noise Diagnostic

We get asked a lot of questions about vehicles all the time. Many of those questions deal with brakes and the different types of noises they make. If you have squealing or squeaking brakes, read on and we’ll help you determine the brake noise as best we can.

When it comes to your vehicles brakes, some noises are normal, while others indicate there could be a problem requiring brake repair service in Victoria BC. Here are some common noises and possible solutions:

  • Grinding is caused by rust buildup on the rotors and is of little concern. The buildup can usually be removed, or sometimes it disappears after a few stops. However, if grinding persists, the problem could be more serious and should be brought to the attention of your service consultant.
  • Loud brake squeals disc brakes with wear indicators may produce brake squeals, indicating it’s time to change the pads.
  • Trace squeaks or squeals Semi-metallic brake linings can emit sound. Rain, humidity or cold brakes could be the source. If the problem persists, have the brakes checked.
  • Clicking Sometimes accompanied by a slight pulsing in the brake pedal at low speeds, it’s most likely the Anti-lock Braking System performing a harmless self-check.

Preparing For Your Next Brake Service Appointment

Write down your vehicle’s symptoms. What noises do you hear? Does the problem occur when the engine is warm or cold? Be sure to describe the symptoms and don’t try to diagnose the problem.

You can expect to receive a thorough explanation of the procedure to be performed on your vehicle before it happens. Ask for a copy of the signed estimate so there are no surprises when it’s time to pick up your vehicle.

If you have any tests conducted during the service, ask for a copy of the results. Save these documents in your glove compartment or in a special place at home for easy reference.

Ask about obtaining a service contract to cover your vehicle in the event of mechanical failure beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you require servicing, learn more about our brake repair service where you can book an appointment online.