Victoria Transmission & Auto Care and DriveWise BC Announce Innovative Partnership to Promote Driver Safety

January 18, 2012

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care and DriveWise BC are proud to announce an important strategic partnership designed to promote increased awareness around road and vehicle safety for new drivers.

For new drivers, taking that big step in being able to drive on the roads by yourself is a life-changing achievement. It gives you the freedom that you’ve only dreamed of. But it can also be a scary place, especially if you’re driving in a car, and on roads, that are new to you. This means that more mistakes could be made, or worse, accidents could occur. Sometimes, it may not be your fault, and you may be in need of a car accident attorney, (learn more here) in your area to help you receive the compensation that you deserve. But to prevent mistakes and possible accidents from happening in the first place, learning everything that you can about the car that you’re driving before taking to the road is important, and this strategic partnership may definitely be in your best interest.

As a part of the partnership, Victoria Transmission & Auto Care will provide free monthly car clinics
to local DriveWise student drivers, following the model established for its renowned Ladies Night
initiative. At the car clinics, student drivers will have the opportunity to learn basic car maintenance,
how to check oil and fluid levels, how to check tire pressure, how to change a tire on their own
vehicle, and how to stay safe around their vehicle at all times. There will also be an opportunity for
students to learn how to run their vehicles more efficiently, and to be more environmentally
sensitive when it comes to maintenance and servicing. Drivers must always make sure that they have their annual MOT and service as these protocols ensure that the person driving the car and other road users are safe. Companies that have a fleet of vehicles might choose to implement technology solutions like that of Lytx to ensure the fleet’s safety by tracking drivers’ habits and road-safety compliance to protect the lives of the drivers and the general public. However, some manufacturers (but not all) like to have their car checked more regularly than others. This is called a logbook service. Make sure you research which garages offer Logbook servicing first before making any further arrangements. It is important that you feel comfortable and confident with the decision you have made in regards to your car.

Said Kate Wells, Manager, DriveWise BC: “Driving will likely be the most dangerous skill a teen or
new driver will ever learn. That’s why DriveWise is partnering with Victoria Transmission & Auto
Care to focus on safety, helping to change attitudes and behaviours. The addition of car clinics to
our curriculum will complement our ongoing focus on safety for drivers in and around their vehicles,
and the more than 55 skills taught throughout the DriveWise program.”

Added co-owner Adam Sullivan; “The partnership with DriveWise BC is a significant sign of our
commitment to safety, and to our ongoing involvement in the local community. The car clinics are
the perfect complement to our Ladies Nights, and build perfectly off of the Car Clinic that we did
last year with UVic’s Peter B Gustavson School of Business. We are very excited about the

DriveWise Canada (BC) is a privately held company that educates new drivers via a combination of
classroom sessions, driving simulation and one-on-one in-car training. DriveWise BC has multiple
locations on Vancouver Island and Mainland, BC.

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care is a privately held company, serving Victoria, the regional
municipalities and the remainder of Vancouver Island.

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