Gear up for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, marking the return of BBQs, beach days, and best of all… ROAD TRIPS! Taking your car out and just driving for miles and miles finding new adventures along the way is the essence of summertime. One thing to do in summer is to get your car looking like it’s brand new and just off the production line! Superior Shine can do that for you, buffing, polishing, painting, etc. whatever you want your car to look like they can give it to you.

Is your ride ready for the long road? Here are our top five tips to gear up for a great summer:

  1. Change your oil and filters. Be sure to get your oil and filters changed at least as often as the specified frequency to keep the engine running smoothly – particularly if you plan on taking long trips, hauling heavy luggage, or towing a boat or trailer. You may want to also look into the best fuel system cleaner for your vehicle to help with this.
  2. Have your brakes inspected. Get your brakes inspected prior to hitting the road, especially if you hear any noises, or feel any pulsing, grabbing, or change in reaction time. Leaving any potential problems regarding your car unresolved could cause detrimental impacts to not only yourself but to other drivers on the road as well. Especially when it comes to your braking system. This should be something that you do before taking any further journeys.
  3. Flush your cooling system. The most common cause of summer breakdowns has to do with vehicles overheating. Have your cooling system flushed and refilled prior to summer to maintain your cool!
  4. Have your transmission serviced. Getting regular, proactive transmission servicing (including computer diagnosis, fluid replacement and filter replacement), is one of the best ways to avoid one of the most costly and complex automotive repairs – the transmission. Long trips and heavy loads put stress on your transmission, so show it some love before you head out.
  5. Rotate your tires. Have your tires rotated regularly as specified by your manufacturer to ensure proper alignment, and be sure that you have a spare tire in good working order in case of a flat.

Since you are now equipped with the requisite knowledge, what are your plans? Don’t let your car hold you back from the fun you deserve… click here to book any of the above services today, and gear up for summer! Happy Travelling!