Do I need to take my vehicle to the dealer to be covered under warranty?

One of the most common questions we get asked at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care is “Do I need to take my vehicle to the dealer to be covered under warranty?” We know it’s a common question because that dealers like to sell on their maintenance services when you buy a car. But over the course of this article we will answer this question in an unbiased and professional manner.

Preventative health care is important for peak performance and longevity. Many insurance firms (like those on the list here) may consider this when drawing up the policy and prices for you. After all, showing that you care about your vehicle and are careful to ensure all goes well with it makes you a more considerate and careful driver in most cases. Preventative maintenance for today`s hi-tech cars helps keep small problems from becoming large, expensive ones, solving them before the catastrophic failure hits the vehicle. When these bigger problems do hit the vehicle, they can become much more expensive to fix and they could cause further damage to the car. Cars need general maintenance to make sure they’re safe to drive. Driving a car with an existing problem could put other drivers at risk, so it’s important to make sure that the vehicle also has insurance, just in case. When choosing an insurance company, there are a lot of different policies to think about. Perhaps some people could learn more here about the different types of car insurance policies out there. That should ensure that cars are properly insured. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to consistently maintain your vehicle. Most new car warranties call for scheduled preventative maintenance, meaning that maintenance must be done in order to keep the factory warranties in effect. New car dealers want you to believe that only they can perform these services and only a few companies can offer you car insurance on said car. This is not true. Anyone can perform the required services, as long as the parts used are Original Equipment quality and all maintenance is performed on time per the manufacturers recommended schedule and by a government-licensed automotive shop, like Victoria Transmission and Auto Care.