The Top 3 Car Related Mobile Apps

The Top 3 Car Related Mobile AppsOne of our staff members was just in Hawaii for a couple of weeks. When he mentioned the expensive gas prices that fluctuated from town to town, it reminded me of a great mobile application called Gas Buddy.

We’ve already blogged about how you can improve your fuel economy, and now we’d like to share with you the top 3 car mobile apps:

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy can help you find out the price of gas in your local area, using the GPS on your phone. Although there are not many gas wars in Victoria, it can be handy when you travel.

Click here to download the app no matter what smart phone you have.


While by no means do we encourage speeding in Victoria, Trapster can help you identify where speed traps are set up, as well as where red light cameras are located. Like Gas Buddy, users are asked to update the app when they see speed traps to notify other app users. It’ll also help you avoid the traps in Richmond. Have you ever noticed these notorious speed traps in Richmond? They’re literally everywhere, believe me.

Click here to download the app no matter what smart phone you have.

Google Maps

Remember when GPS systems from Garmin were sold separately? Seems like only a couple of days ago. The smartphone has all but eliminated the need for stand-alone GPS systems now. Most people have a smartphone these days and with sites like Raise showing the savings to be had through coupons and codes when buying a phone with Cricket Wireless, they are an affordable option for everyone.

If you have bluetooth or an auxiliary output, you will be able to plug your phone in and have the directions relayed to you through your car speakers.

Google Maps will be already installed on your Android device.

Click here to download Google Maps for your iPhone.

We hope you get a chance to use these apps. Also, let us know if we missed any.

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